Ushbi 100% Pure Hinna Leaf Powder |Rajasthni Mehndi | 450g | for Hair & Body Arts


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  • Key Features
  • Made of freshly cultivated Henna leaves, The Chemical free, pure & Natural USHBI Henna (mehndi) gives natural rich red brown color.
  • A pure, natural and traditional product as per Indian system of ayurvedic.
  • USHBI Henna Powder’s high quality gives you the richest red henna color. It comes with high lawson content, and made with traditional cloth sifting technique.
  • 100% Natural henna powder, gives natural color, shine and conditioning to hair.
  • This Product is safe for all hair type of any age.
  • Suitable for both Hair and Body art .
  • Natural Rajasthani henna from Sojat city.

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USHBI Pure Henna is very Special, Very Rich & Effective in Color and provide a Healthy & Shiny Look to your Hair. This Henna Powder is Fresh from Rajasthan, Try it Once and you will Love it.

USHBI Herbal Henna is known for it’s natural fresh and high coloring content. We process the hand-picked Henna Leaves, giving it a best mesh and purity. At every step of the process, proper hygiene and precautions are maintained to get the best result of our Henna. We mix other herb in a specific ratio which makes it very special and effective.  A proper mesh makes it easy to sift in any liquid and easy application. USHBI Herbal henna powder is the best quality Triple Filtered thus have a very smooth texture.

Ushbi Henna powder is a 100% natural organic ingredient for your hair care. In this powder no chemicals and preservatives are added. This Henna powder helps to restore the natural pH balance of the hair to its natural level.

USHBI henna powder is the best quality Triple Filtered/Cloth Filtered and have a very smooth texture.

  • USHBI 100% Natural Henna (Mehndi) that is filled with the goodness of purity to ensure wellness. The product is suitable for hair conditioning and coloring. It conditions hair naturally without any damage.
  • Sourced from natural ingredients, No preservatives added, No adulteration. It helps benefit your hair in the most beautiful way possible

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