USHBI 100% Natural Indigo Powder For Hair Color (227 g) | All hair Type | Men & Women | A Natural Dye



Indigo Powder High lights

  • USHBI’s Plant-Derived Indigo is made with Indigo leaves from Rajasthan.
  • Indigo leaf Powder is a 100% Natural dye for Hair & Beard
  • The product is free from Pesticides or Harmful Chemicals.
  • Helps preventing premature greying of hair and Dandruff.
  • Naturally Processed for Gentle Hair Care and Improved Hair Color
  • Contains Pure and Organic Ingredients
  • Helps Prevent scalp infections.
  • Makes your hair thicker.
  • Suitable for Men and Women

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About The Product:  The 100% Pure and Natural indigo leaf powder is an organic way which covers grey hair naturally imparting a deep, rich coloration. And since it has no added chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, artificial colorants and synthetic compounds, it is also a very safe natural hair dye. This indigo hair powder is pure and micro-fine/triple filtered.  Helps to improve the texture and quality of the tresses in addition to dyeing them in a completely herbal and Organic manner.

  • Indigo is a natural dying agent which smoothens the hair and prevents premature greying. It gives a decent dark bluish color to hair.
  • Indigo mixed with henna powder gives your hair a natural black color and soothes the scalp.
  • Our Indigo Powder is made from Indigo leaves from Rajasthan.
  • Our Organic Indigo Powder is natural with no added chemicals and so safe to use.
  • Our Organic Indigo Powder is designed to treat all hair types and hence can be used by both men and women.
  • For best results, depending on your hair type, use Ushbi Indigo Powder at least twice a month.

How to Use : Prepare a thick henna paste with hot water and apply it on your hair for 2-3 hours . Wash it off with water then towel dry your hair. Apply Indigo Leaf Powder paste on freshly henna dyed red hair. Leave it for 50-70 minutes to get a rich blackish color, or 1-2 hours for smooth grey. Wash off with water or a mild shampoo. The combination of Indigo and Henna makes for a perfect solution for natural hair care. Also you can apply the indigo powder next day after applying the henna instead of appalling it same day.

DISCLAIMER: We highly recommend conducting a patch test to avoid allergic reactions. Please stop using the product if there is any indication of an allergic reaction and consult a dermatologist. All our products contain natural ingredients and hence the color and fragrance might vary without losing effectiveness.  All images shown are for illustration purposes only, actual results may vary.  Store the product in a cool and dry place.

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